Living on the reef
Visible from my black tip
A sleek fast creature
My favorite guy is Magna Charge.I like him because my favorite type is tech.
I like to play skylanders giants over the weekend.I like to play it because it is awsome.My favorite guy is eye-brawl. I wish I could play skylanders evry day.
The california octopus is only 3 to 8 inches long.
The blue ringed octopus can kill a person.
Octopses live in dens.
A octopus can be 400 pounds.
I have a fat brown cow.
I know all about skylanders.
I wish I had a bigger towel.
I like to go to the beach.

My favorite flaver is rainbow.These are the flaiver blue vinilla,strawbery and bannana.I like it because you can taset all the flavers at once.I like shave ice
During spring braek I went to the Hilton. I went on a slippery slide. It was a awesome slide. After that I went stand up Patel boarding with Will. It was cool. I hope I go agian