This is a slideshow of my favorite book!! This is my favorite book because it is funny!I also like it because of the flip-O-ramas!
This picture is of me and Jack calcuelaiting the some of siants .
My favorite read aloud is the secret zoo.I liked it because the action scouts had to save Magan from the sasquatches. And I also liked the details and the words he used . I liked that  we got to skip him! 
  • If I could take My class on a feild trip I would take them to the Atlanta falcons football stadium.I would take them there because we will get to see Matt Ryan , Sean weatherspoon,Roddy White and Julio Jones.When we go I hope they are playing the Denver broncos .I also want to go because we get to see fireworks!I wish the flite wasn't 12 hours long.
I like math!
The picture shows geometry.It shows geometry because the dogs head is organic shapes.We found this picture outside of CPK.In my group I had me,Izzy,Zach and amber.I had a grate time sritching for math!
1.I didn't do my homework because I fell asleep.
2.I didn't do my homework because it was a sunny day and I had to go to the beach.
3.I didn't do my homework because  there is a new movie in theater.
4.I didn't do my homework because my fish ate my homework. 
5.I didn't do my homework because I played skylanders.
Thats why I didn't do my homework.
May day was fun!Are song was Molakai slide.My partner was Jack.The color of Molakai is green.My family came and wached.Mayday was awsome!