This is a slideshow of my favorite book!! This is my favorite book because it is funny!I also like it because of the flip-O-ramas!
This picture is of me and Jack calcuelaiting the some of siants .
My favorite read aloud is the secret zoo.I liked it because the action scouts had to save Magan from the sasquatches. And I also liked the details and the words he used . I liked that  we got to skip him! 
  • If I could take My class on a feild trip I would take them to the Atlanta falcons football stadium.I would take them there because we will get to see Matt Ryan , Sean weatherspoon,Roddy White and Julio Jones.When we go I hope they are playing the Denver broncos .I also want to go because we get to see fireworks!I wish the flite wasn't 12 hours long.
I like math!
The picture shows geometry.It shows geometry because the dogs head is organic shapes.We found this picture outside of CPK.In my group I had me,Izzy,Zach and amber.I had a grate time sritching for math!
1.I didn't do my homework because I fell asleep.
2.I didn't do my homework because it was a sunny day and I had to go to the beach.
3.I didn't do my homework because  there is a new movie in theater.
4.I didn't do my homework because my fish ate my homework. 
5.I didn't do my homework because I played skylanders.
Thats why I didn't do my homework.

May day


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May day was fun!Are song was Molakai slide.My partner was Jack.The color of Molakai is green.My family came and wached.Mayday was awsome!
Living on the reef
Visible from my black tip
A sleek fast creature